The Future as we make it

    BrandProtect platform adds very important components to the digital certificates concept - it integrates a system of interaction modules including various banking systems and digital money networks.

    These modules are responsible not only for conducting payments but also for gathering all the necessary data for all parties involved. There will be geolocation modules to track goods, and even gather location data from the end-users, if permitted. Personalization modules that will help buyers to choose products meeting their needs, expectations, and preferences are also available.

    Thus, BrandProtect creates a new revolutionary sales system with unique capabilities and an unprecedented level of interaction between sellers, vendors, and goods. A new era of online sales will be opened and “old-school” online retailers, like Alibaba or Amazon, will be forced to play catch up or become obsolete in a few years.

    Digital certificates and smartphone application development open up the abundance of new opportunities for both improving buyers’ experience and vendors’ customers flow and profits. After all, the buyers’ market is practically limitless: the sheer number of people - 7,5 billion and growing - guarantees that there will always be buyers for your goods. The trick is to convince them to choose your offer.

    **And here are just a few concepts that become viable due to BrandProtect, digital certificates, and smartphones: **

    A virtual assistant in your smartphone will show you recommendations for certain goods based on your preferences. For example, it will be able to keep up with your loyalty to certain manufacturers or even to figure out, which price range is more interesting for you. For example, if you are more into medium-priced “workhorses”, it will offer you such options first for every category of goods. Theoretically, it is possible to even task a virtual assistant with creating a full shopping list for a certain task. Of course, your virtual assistant will also verify the goods’ authenticity for you automatically, so you’ll get only quality deals.

    Digital certificates that confirm the goods’ authenticity and bear all the relevant data are huge marketing advantages for vendors. Consumers strive for quality more and more every year and want to have genuine, authentic products, not counterfeit. Now vendors will be able not only to claim that they have authentic goods of the best quality but also to prove it. And their customers will be sure they get the legit proof.

    Geolocation technologies help to monitor movement of goods in a logistic chain, optimize it, and reduce expenses. It will be much easier to find out what exactly causes delays and unwanted expenses and perform better planning. Even the change of logistical hubs and routes on-the-go becomes viable due to improvements in tracking and communications between links of the logistical chain.

    Also, this technology, combined with digital certificates will improve warranty services. It will be possible to monitor how the product was used and possible ways to repair it. Monitoring will also facilitate product improvements - manufacturers will get real data from end-users in automatic mode. There won’t be any need for guesses and focus groups.

    Mobile applications will drastically shorten chains of intermediaries (manufacturers - distributors - dealers - shops - consumers) or even allow to bypass intermediaries entirely. When anyone can purchase anything via a smartphone, there is no need for a large distribution network. Manufacturers can organize the delivery of their products directly to consumers without any men in the middle. The only possible exception is regional distributors that may be necessary due to local laws limitations or logistics concerns. So buyers will be able to interact with manufacturers directly or with high-level suppliers and get new products faster and cheaper as manufacturers will cut their expenses.

    BrandProtect’s digital certificates and interaction modules will also facilitate the use of bot-couriers and robots for logistics. Geolocation modules will track the movement of goods through the supply chain, and digital certificates will confirm the goods’ authenticity at every point, as well as everyone who interacted with the goods or data will be known and tracked. Therefore, huge optimization possibilities will be opened. Robots help reduce overall costs, location tracking will allow to optimize the routes, and digital certificates make sure that any tampering or genuine mistakes on any level of the supply chain will be impossible. Thus, the end consumer will get exactly what they wanted and what they paid for, while vendors will be able to save funds on logistics, personnel, recalls, and compensations.

    New technologies, implemented in the BrandProtect platform, will make it possible for companies to successfully compete with online retail giants like Amazon. The only way to convince people to move from a large platform that they got used to is to offer buyers a tangible leap in customer service: new revolutionary features, new levels of interaction, and unparalleled protection. And all these advantages must be combined in a single platform. And the BrandProtect platform does exactly that. If you agree with us, want to discuss or add some points do not hesitate to fill in this form Feedback or criticism is always welcome because this helps us make the project even better.

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